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J&K Architects Company

We are among the top 10 best companies of architecture in Chicago.

Initial consultations are scheduled at the convenience of the client and are provided at no cost.  Once the parameters of the project are identified, clients are provided with a detailed proposal outlining the scope of services and an anticipated timeline for the project.

Project Management | +52 635 236

Manager : Michael Presman

Accountant | +52 635 365

Financier : Jane Cohen

Hotline | +52 635 582

Assistant : Emily Brown

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Opening Hours: Mo – Fr 7am – 5pm

Address: Calle Doramas, 4 35129 Arguineguin


GPS: 27.75613008874231, -15.683732439278742

J&K Architects has been providing architectural and engineering services for over 15 years. We offer a full range of architectural services for corporate, retail and residential clients. Our office is located near Chicago, IL and is the central location from which we build our client relationships. We have built a solid foundation of clients, through lasting continuing relationships, that rely on us for our expertise and skill level.

J&K Architects Company

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